Greater efficiencies, from clinical trial to clinical file.

Mismatched sites, unclean data and a lack of reporting and transparency are among the common challenges in today’s clinical development environment. The Orchestrated Clinical Trials (OCT) cloud platform from IQVIA offers an intelligent, patient-centric solution.
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A better process means better outcomes

IQVIA is investing in the SaaS-based, OCT platform to modernize and digitize the clinical development process and provide better outcomes for both sponsor and patient. OCT moves beyond simply automation of workflows to true orchestration, producing an uninterrupted flow of data-driven evidence that quickly closes the gap between data collection and clinical decision-making.

medical professionals reviewing information on computer
medical professionals reviewing information on computer

Transforming trials through orchestration

At IQVIA, we understand that where a life science organization places its data matters, so we have developed four applications focused on the digital transformation of trials while ensuring clinician and patient engagement throughout the clinical development process

  • Trial Design Orchestration: Make trials more predictable and closer to budget
  • Site Engagement Orchestration: Facilitate orchestration among sites, coordinators, investigators, and patients to improve site selection, performance and satisfaction
  • Patient Engagement Orchestration: Manage digital patient engagement before, during and after a trial
  • Trial Management: Enable seamless management and monitoring of patients
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