Develop and deliver gastroenterology treatments seamlessly

Your goal is to deliver the latest and best treatments to manage or cure gastrointestinal (GI) and hepatological conditions like NASH. We understand your challenges include the need to implement more non-invasive technology for earlier diagnosis. Our next generation clinical development approach relies on advanced analytics to offer increased precision and predictability in your trials.

  • Leverage trusted experience and therapeutic expertise. Our Gastroenterology Center of Excellence has helped deliver over 115 gastroenterology and hepatology studies since 2011. We’ve partnered in developing or commercializing 80% of 2016’s top 20 gastrointestinal products.  
  • Use real-world data and advanced analytics to identify optimal sites, the right patients and relevant physician networks, facilitating recruitment and retention.
  • Meeting the demands of NASH clinical trials: Our unique partnership with Perspectum Diagnostics combines their non-invasive LiverMultiScan imaging analysis and our innovative patient recruitment model to improve prescreening rates, decrease costs, and accelerate timelines for your NASH development program.
Let us help you accelerate the development of your GI treatment.
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