Take on the unique challenge of drug development in Central Nervous System diseases

Accelerate the development of new medicines for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis. Our market insights are based on non-identified data from the trials of 2 million CNS patients around the world. You can reach your goals faster with our next generation of clinical development solutions. This development model applies advanced analytics providing greater precision and predictability for your outcomes.

Our established track record of success in CNS drug development relies on key differentiators including

  • Our connections with patient advocacy organizations.
  • Proven experience in getting complex patients to enroll in clinical studies and complete those trials.
  • Optimizing trial efficiency by reducing placebo response, improving identification of hard-to-recruit patients, and increasing subject retention.
  • Sharpening performance predictability with protocols designed to reduce amendments and speed your treatments to market.

Let us help you accelerate the development of your CNS treatment.

A Call to Action: Alzheimer's Disease on the Threshold of Change