Accelerate start-up and eliminate zero-enrolling sites

IQVIA Precision Enrollment

Identifying patients and recruiting quickly can make or break your study. Research shows to start-up an oncology site it typically takes 378 days* – IQVIA can do it within 14-21 days. The key is Precision Enrollment, and it’s changing the recruitment paradigm.

The goal is simple: eliminate sites with zero enrollment from the start. This means a site opens only when the patient is identified. Work with our network of 140+ U.S. sites that can pre-identify appropriate patients using Infosario Site Gateway technology. Once patients are identified we will work with the site, sponsor and IRB to have your site up and running in days rather than months.

  • Reduce costs by identifying the right patients for a study before opening a site.
  • Accelerate enrollment from an expanded patient pool.
  • Lessen protocol amendments due to unexpected problems with planning, feasibility and enrollment.

Learn how Precision Enrollment transforms patient recruitment.