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Continuous evidence generation across your organization

IQVIA Evidence Platforms create a framework for better decision-making across the product lifecycle. Instead of executing traditional one-off studies, Evidence Platforms allow you to reuse a broad range of relevant, existing data to answer multiple research questions, from research to commercialization. 

Our platforms provide access to clinically-rich data sets and advanced analytics, with user-friendly interfaces and interactive visualizations. You can demonstrate product value more effectively, respond to payer requests in less time and manage more effectively across disciplines and markets.
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IQVIA Evidence Platforms


6 platform advantages you can leverage now

IQVIA Evidence Platforms let you do more with data whether you are running a study or a sales force.

  • Generate real-time insights quickly and securely from large, de-identified populations
  • Access clinically-rich data and bring fragmented data together across markets
  • Broaden your evidence base with up-to-date analysis of regularly refreshed data
  • Enable collaboration with a shared evidence-base across multiple functions, to support better decision-making
  • Facilitate shared value with an evidence ecosystem that supports healthcare interventions and outcomes to improve population health. 
  • Transform your organization with efficient, systematic access to big data to change competitive, payer, regulatory and partner interactions
E360 Real World Data Platform

Apply real world data to your trial with nonidentified data from more than 500 million patients across eight countries using pre-built analytics.

​Provider Registries

Access a full range of services, including strategic consulting, program design, technology support, data science and analysis, and quality assurance to help distinguish your organization as a high-quality provider.

Real World Data and Insights

Learn more about the federated evidence networks and massive, non-identified global databases that inform our real world solutions.

Health Economics and Value

Access clearer, more compelling support to demonstrate the value of your product.

Study Design

Use emerging data sources and advances in evidence methods to demonstrate product value and safety.

Evidence Networks

Tap into evidence networks in oncology, neurology, immunology, and other therapy areas to enrich your studies.

​Regulatory and Safety

From concept to market, we can meet your ever-increasing needs in regulatory, safety and compliance.

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