Common data standards for faster, more reliable studies.

Expand data access and drive reliability through OHDSI/OMOP software and services from IQVIA.
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Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI) is a public initiative independent of IQVIA and represents a global network of research centers for standard analytical methods, tools and the OMOP Common Data Model (CDM) and vocabulary, containing multiple stakeholders and global reach across the U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific. The OHDSI network encompasses ~2 billion de-identified patient records. Stakeholders choose OHDSI to

  • Conduct faster and more reliable studies across a series of datasets and data types
  • Reduce costs of ownership, including understanding coding schemes, writing statistical programs across databases or developing software
  • Expand data access via the OHDSI network and remote multi-center database studies


How OHDSI/OMOP creates value

systematic and standardized analytics
Female reviewing holding data charts
Female reviewing holding data charts

IQVIA offers the following OHDSI/OMOP tools and services

  • IQVIA portfolio data in a standardized format
  • Network analytics and studies across OHDSI's network member databases encompassing ~2 billion de-identified records, leveraging IQVIA as a coordinating center
  • Software and analytics tools for OMOP datasets
  • Consulting and training workshops on standardizing your own data flows to OMOP format


  • FDA partner on implementing on OHDSI
  • Expert in converting data globally
  • OHDSI training partner
  • Principal investigator at OHDSI/OMOP since inception
  • Active contributor to OMOP vocabulary in multiple countries and in OHDSI tool
  • Dozens of peer-reviewed publications across the U.S. and Europe on OMOP use
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