Transform your approach to HCP and HCO engagement management

Discover how IQVIA HCP/O Engagement Management enables the planning, management, contracting, and payment of Healthcare Professionals and Organizations (HCP/Os) globally. Leveraging intelligent workflows with embedded compliance, this new solution delivers better business processes with an enhanced user experience.

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A comprehensive solution for all HCP and HCO engagements.

Life sciences companies engage with HCPs and HCOs across their business every day. These interactions drive activities at the core of our industry, come under intense scrutiny, and deliver significant business process challenges. All must have a documented, legitimate business need, meet Fair Market Value guidelines, capture contracts, and show proof of performance—prior to payment.

Built on the Salesforce platform, HCP/O Engagement Management delivers a comprehensive solution for all touchpoints, supporting key users and business processes, with an advanced global rules engine—optimizing engagements and minimizing risk. This transformative technology delivers next-level value through improved HCP experience, user-centric design, smart capabilities, and embedded compliance.


A glimpse at HCP/O Engagement Management

Streamline engagements and increase visibility through orchestration

HCP/O Engagement Management enables native integration with existing commercial and compliance ecosystems—unifying business processes across the enterprise. Unleashing the full power of CRM, this end-to-end solution delivers an efficient and compliant engagement lifecycle, with a 360° view of the customer.

Orchestration enables seamless business hand-offs and process visibility across departments supporting unique user functions. For example, field reps can initiate engagements, send invitations, and confirm HCPs, while home office users handle contracts, approvals and payment, with a consistent workflow.

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doctor using tablet
doctor using tablet

Deliver a best-in-class HCP experience

The relationship with the HCP or Key Opinion Leader, is of the utmost importance for life sciences companies. HCP/O Engagement Management centralizes communication and coordinates all processes with HCPs, improving experience.

This single HCP portal delivers a consistent experience across each touchpoint, containing all necessary engagement information, including billing, contracts, training, policy access, and expense management.

women reviewing notes on computer
women reviewing notes on computer

Mitigate risk with embedded compliance

A flexible rules engine with embedded regulatory intelligence eliminates the burden of global and local compliance, with IQVIA legal teams continually providing regulatory updates. Manage global and local compliance risk with risk-based approval workflows, embedded FMV and KOL tiering, live monitoring, and integrated data capture for transparency reporting.

Enhance experience with user-centric design and smart capabilities

Intelligent workflows and enhanced usability improve efficiencies, while user centric design focuses on the business user and HCP experience. Guided actions and intelligent workflows support multiple users, reducing submission, approval, and payment duration— with a consistent look and feel.

Transformative technologies like HCP/O Engagement Management deliver a solution that integrates with customers’ existing IT ecosystems, adapting to how they do business. The embedding of compliance through a standalone rules engine, and the introduction of smart capabilities into engagement management will enrich user experience across the enterprise, delivering better business processes while adhering to compliance regulations.


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