MedTech clinical solutions to drive development orchestration forward.

Development for medical technologies can be challenging without the right people, processes, evidence and insights. IQVIA MedTech offers clinical solutions for today's changing and growing medical device and diagnostics industry.
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Insights that drive research

IQVIA MedTech integrates the latest insights, expertise and technology to design and optimize protocols, recruit clinicians and patients, and drive transparent communication. Combined with expertise in budgets, sites, and study management, our approach ensures each solution is optimized for device research, so you stay on time and on budget.

Data-driven, highly integrated solutions create a truly connected offering, from pre-market development to post-market lifecycle support.

Partner with the right experts

Developing the right solutions require the right combination of expertise. IQVIA brings experts in medical devices and diagnostics, innovators in clinical trial design, product development leaders, and strategists together to support you from regulatory strategy through trial execution – and beyond.

Study design and execution with success in mind

IQVIA MedTech can provide you with strategic insights into changing regulations, data, and technology requirements for medical device and diagnostics. We leverage our data-driven intelligence solutions and experts to design the right research for your product, information by our insights.

Orchestration across the development life cycle

IQVIA MedTech's concept to market solutions and services help you orchestrate efficient research and development processes and decisions. Our comprehensive, integrated solutions and services create a connected offering from pre-market development to post-market life cycle support.

Medical Device and Diagnostics Expertise

IQVIA MedTech maintains industry-leading medical device training and consulting programs. We hire and train technology, clinical, and regulatory experts that are fully dedicated to medical devices. In turn, they receive ongoing operational support from project managers and study monitors dedicated to medical device and diagnostics projects.

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