Maximize your generic portfolio.

From development to measurement to expansion, IQVIA is your partner every step of the way. Leverage services and tools optimized for generics manufacturers, all backed by the power of the IQVIA CORE.
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Product Selection and Development

Up-to-date, readily available information to support potential generic selection is critical to your business planning.

  • Accurately evaluate the protection status and expected expiry dates of a molecule
  • Access regularly updated sales and volume information for products and competitors
  • Find chemical suppliers and partners


Understanding when and where to launch your product is the key to success.

  • Understand current market dynamics with information in 90+ countries
  • Access sales and volume forecasts across 70+ countries
  • Identify analogues specific to the generics market


To maximize the return on your investment, you need to keep up-to-date on market performance. IQIVA offers a range of services and technologies to support performance measurement.

  • Define, segment and measure your market across multiple geographies
  • Understand competitor strategies
  • Benefit from up-to-date forecasts specific to the generics market

Portfolio and Geographic Expansion

Optimizing your strategy for expansion is essential to the growth of your generic portfolio.

  • Understand where there are currently opportunities and gaps in the generic market
  • Get a long-term view of the patent landscape
  • Analyze current and future market dynamics for new areas
See how Ark Patent Intelligence can help you uncover generics opportunities

Ark Patent Intelligence—Worldwide Pharmaceutical Patent Information

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