Know what’s driving your multi-indication product.

Many drugs have multiple indications and are distributed through multiple channels. Go beyond traditional methods with AI and machine learning-powered analytics to bring your multi-indication products into focus.
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What is driving your product?

To deploy the right marketing and sales strategies, it is critical to quantify which indications drive the use of your product. But your data only tells you that your product was used - not why.

Learn how to uncover the true use of your multi-indication product. Track product performance by indication, specialty, region, and source of business to inform future marketing and sales efforts.

Understand the source of use

New, switch or repeat? Gain insights into why the product was used by indication at a sub-national level.

Take strategic next steps

Focus on top converting indications with timely HCP engagement and targeted promotional investments.

Improve sales force effectiveness

Empower your sales force to adjust and maximize ROI with a complete understanding of product use by indication.

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