The power of data at scale.

Uncover insights your competitors can’t find, enhance your discovery of new markets and transform your business strategies. Guided by AI & machine learning approaches, IQVIA helps you to make the most of the increasing sources of healthcare data available.
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Is your brand ready to face the market?

As a brand or franchise leader, you’re operating in a new age of business, with legions of competitors, a steady stream of new products, and regulations that change with startling frequency. What if you could link relevant data, proven evidence and advanced analytics to make decisions based on precise facts about patient journeys and real world outcomes?

Powered by the IQVIA CORE, our commercial analytics solutions can help you

  • Track your product's performance at the global, regional and local level in 100+ developed countries and emerging markets.
  • Ensure your marketing and sales force strategies are hitting the right targets by understanding the factors driving prescribing patterns and capturing timely information on product sales, pricing and volume.
  • Learn about the latest market trends in your therapy area by tapping into our deep therapy-specific data and expertise.
  • Identify the right data required for the success of your product.

Push the limits of seamless data integration by combining multiple data sources - including sales data records, LRx data, EMR data, claims data and genomics data - and develop game-changing insights and competitive advantage on both a global and local scale.

Unparalleled data IQVIA™ CORE

Harness the power of the CORE

The IQVIA CORE integrates IQVIA's unparalleled data assets, advanced analytics, transformative technologies, and deep domain expertise. It's how we ensure you have what you need to make the data you have into the data you need.
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