Establish a path to optimal product launch

Preparing for a strong product launch. Determining the best way to brand your new asset. Ensuring that all channels are mapped to effectively demonstrate value. When you develop a comprehensive plan with a well-defined brand, value, and channel strategy, you can secure market access and establish a path to optimal product launch. 

We can help you integrate recent market dynamics and longer-term trends into your launch strategy for a precise understanding of launch risks and expectations. With IQVIA’s proven launch excellence strategies and connected insights, refined from over 5,000 launches and 250 years of collective pharma experience, we can provide you with the insights and resources to help you develop a market-backed, evidence-driven commercial plan.

Key challenges
  • Determining asset value for key stakeholders based on evidence generated during clinical development
  • Developing launch plan, manage, track and optimize product launch  
  • Creating brand and positioning strategy to differentiate in target markets
  • Driving pre-launch awareness through disease area networks, engagement, and KOL partnering
  • Ensuring optimal price with maximum market access 
  • Establishing operational model and commercial infrastructure needs 
Ways we can help
Let us help you position your launch for success.