Understand and articulate the market value of your asset

Defining the value of your asset. Creating a differentiated value story. Driving investor and partnering discussions for optimal outcomes. As you progress through the various stages of drug development and commercialization, you will need to address how your asset brings value to the industry, your stakeholders and your company. 

Working together, we can help you harness the power of human ingenuity, scientific rigor and unrivalled data and analytics to develop clearer views of your asset’s value and your timelines – with the ultimate goal of strengthening your position in deal discussions and negotiations, and advancing the value of your asset.

Key challenges
  • Conducting technical and commercial due diligence to define the market opportunity, investment costs, and development risks
  • Building a risk adjusted NPV valuation model detailing revenue and investments scenarios
  • Gathering unique local perspective from global and emerging markets
  • Articulating asset value through a clear and differentiated value story 
  • Creating compelling pitch decks and materials to share with investors and potential partners
  • Identifying strategic options including deal, partnering, and commercialization pathways
Ways we can help
  • Early assessment of product feasibility 
  • Integrated technical and commercial due diligence 
  • Asset risk profiling
  • Value inflection mapping
  • Asset and portfolio valuation
  • Deal option and structure assessment 
  • Value proposition and pitch materials
Let us help you strengthen your position with investors and partners, and advance the value of your asset.