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Designing the optimal access and reimbursement program requires a deep understanding of the brand’s business objectives and market challenges, as well as the skill to create a process that is both personalized and seamless for the patient. Critical to program success is a design, configuration, and implementation that provide the highest acceptance rate and duration of therapy.
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Drive access through patient-centric reimbursement programs.

Years of experience driving innovation in reimbursement solutions, best-in-class proprietary technology, and a skilled team of patient counselors, positions Opus Health to be not just a co-pay provider but a true results focused, solution architect in reimbursement program design and management.

  • Help mitigate cost as a barrier by effectively lowering out-of-pocket costs, leveraging a flexible mix of options such as pre-paid debit cards, electronic and virtual coupons
  • Implement complex program business rules. Our proprietary claims processing technology provides unmatched flexibility. Business rules can be configured by geography, by pharmacy, by NDC or even Payer coverage. We also have government beneficiary exclusion tactics in place to safeguard against unauthorized participation and 100% of claims go through a multi stage, rigorous process to maximize regulatory compliance
  • Increase success against patient non-compliance. Our multichannel relationship marketing options and customer web portals engage and motivate patients to start and remain on their prescribed therapy
  • Continuously optimize your program to maximize the value of your investment. Our subscription-based services for program surveillance and optimization allow you to monitor and respond to evolving market trends in real time

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