Gain the most accurate and reliable view of market demand

Pharmaceutical and financial companies rely on IQVIA's prescription information to measure market and product demand.

  • Get a timely, accurate picture of your competitive performance and demand for your products through weekly and monthly prescription information
  • Ensure the most informed guide to competitive sales strategies and national performance with national and sub-national information
  • Gain a deep understanding of your key drug dispensing channels with the most robust capture of activities including retail, mail, and long-term care sectors
  • Integrate real-world data with prescription activities for a complete 360-degree view

IQVIA’s key prescription information offerings:

  • Xponent® - A suite of sub-national reporting providing granular prescription performance perfectly aligned to help manage customer operations, sales targeting, and representative incentive compensation
  • National Prescription Audit® (NPA): Relied upon as the most accurate and consistent measure of national prescription performance. NPA provides the fastest insights into weekly prescription dispensing through a BI tool platform designed exclusively for healthcare reporting.

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