Innovative provider reference solutions to revolutionize your business

The new Onekey, the result of the integration of three premiere reference data brands, delivers insight into more than 9 million professionals and 680,000 organizations in the U.S., and the affiliations linking them together. A single, validated source, OneKey can help your organization:

  • Extend its coverage of healthcare professionals, organizations and affiliations
  • Connect to a single reference data standard
  • Understand customer access, value and potential

OneKey is powered by a unique ecosystem that continuously enriches the data, with 700 experienced researchers across the world with country-specific knowledge. More than 1,5 million updates are made globally each month. With these real-time inputs and harmonized data, OneKey seamlessly delivers the trusted information life sciences companies need to power their downstream commercial applications.

  • Know who is driving treatment paths and decisions with current information on official structures, positions and roles
  • See connections and understand how professionals and organizations are affiliated with one another
  • Optimize integration with OneKey’s APIs, accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Be precise with 250+ attributes and harmonized views of HCPs and HCOs
  • Stay compliant with regulations pertaining to data privacy and the changing formats of local healthcare delivery environments

OneKey is a trusted data source for HCPs and HCOs worldwide. Find out what OneKey can do for you.


Learn more about our Web portal, OneKey Web

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