Impact on the pharmaceutical market of the OPR SCB / 1244/2018 of November 27, 2018

Dec 07, 2018

At IQVIA, we elaborated an impact analysis that the OPR of November 27, 2018 will have on the pharmaceutical market. The key points:


The application of the OPR in the reimbursement market has an impact of € 66M, similar to the one of the November 2017 OPR


The volume of units in the last twelve months will be taken as reference (November 2017-October 2018)

  • Prior to the application of the OPR, it is necessary to add the price variation that occurred in the last twelve months that generated a reduction of € 77M in the value of the reimbursement segment to PVL. 
    • This circumstance affects both the reimbursement market segment subject to the application of the OPR, with € 40M.
    • As for the segment of products not subject to the reference price, where the drop-in prices in the last year will mean a decrease of € 37M.
  • As established, the new reference prices are applied after the entry into force of the lower prices according to the system of homogeneous groupings in force, the annual value of the reimbursement segment would be reduced by € 66M, in addition to the € 77M resulting from the application of the new prices of the last twelve months to the market of that period:
    • These € 66M imply a variation of -1.3% in the market segment subject to the reference price.
    • 92% of the impact of the OPR is concentrated in non-generic products.
    • The impact of the price reductions (current and new PR) on the total of the brands subject to the reference price reaches € 100M (-3.3%), the real decrease will be greater and will depend on the penetration of the new one’s generic.
  • About 2/3 of the joint effect of lower prices + OPR corresponds to homogeneous sets of new creation and within them 95% (€ 68M) affects non-generic products. 
  • There are 20 newly created CHCs, but only in 9 of them the definition of a reference price has a real effect of reducing value and accounts for almost two thirds of the total impact of the application of the OPR.