TOP 20 Hospital Awards 68 hospitals nominated to be the best in Spain

Oct 10, 2018
  • Hospitals TOP 20 recognizes the centers with the best balance of results based on objective data; evaluates 35 care processes in 7 clinical areas.
  • A total of 140 hospitals, 65.7% of the National Health System and 34.3% private, from 15 Autonomous Communities, have participated in this edition.
  • Of the 68 nominated hospitals, 58.8% (40) are in a single category, 23.5% (16) are eligible for two awards, and 17.6% (12) can earn three or more TOP.

October 9, 2018 - On October 24, the TOP 20 Hospital Awards will be awarded, organized by the health information services company IASIST, part of IQVIA. In this nineteenth edition, which will be held at the Official College of Architects of Madrid, a total of 140 centers throughout Spain have participated voluntarily. Of these, 68 Hospitals and Clinics accumulate 125 nominations so they have been among the finalists and choose to get some of the 63 awards. Of the 68 nominated hospitals, 58.8% (40) are nominated in a single category, 23.5% (16) are eligible for two awards, 17.6% (12) can earn three or more TOP.

The 140 participating hospitals, 65.7% of the National Health System and 34.3% private, come from 15 Autonomous Communities and, in 11 of them, there are nominated centers: Andalucía, Aragón, Baleares, Canarias, Castilla León, Cataluña, La Rioja, Madrid, Murcia, Basque Country and Valencia. The act will attend the health authorities of the awarded CCAA.

In this edition of TOP 20 Hospitals, specific processes continue to be evaluated in the most relevant clinical areas, assessing 35 frequent clinical processes that encompass a total of 7 clinical areas including: Heart, Respiratory, Nervous System, Digestive, Skeletal Muscle, Kidney and Roads Urinary and Woman. In addition, awards are granted to centers that stand out for the treatment of critical patients who have required admission to Intensive Care Units, and an analysis of home hospitalization, performed with hospitals that had the information encoded in their CMBD, will be presented. 

In the comparison process of the centers, the hospitals are not evaluated jointly, but establishing levels according to their size and degree of specialization. In the TOP of Global Hospital Management, public hospitals are classified into 4 groups and private hospitals are classified as 3. In the clinical areas, different levels of classification of the centers are also established according to the portfolio of services and complexity. 

This year, the TOP 20 program has the special participation of Melissa Sherry, Population Health Innovation and Transformation Director of Johns Hopkins HealthCare, who will give a talk on population assessment titled "Beyond stratification: intervention strategies with impact on results " In addition, the event will feature interventions by several representatives of IQVIA: Concha Almarza, General Manager; Carles Illa, Principal Healthcare and María Soler, Mgr, Offering Management.


IASIST, an IQVIA company with 26 years of experience and a leader in information for clinical management in Spain, is recognized for its methodological rigor and its respect for the confidentiality and anonymity of information. Through the "TOP 20 Hospitals" program, IASIST contributes to the health sector, based on totally objective information, reference patterns achieved by Spanish hospitals, which are also a fundamental instrument for continuous improvement.

Since 2000, IASIST has identified good practice patterns (benchmarks) and recognized the work of those centers that have obtained the best results in the evaluation process. The foundational foundations of the TOP 20 Hospital Program are based on voluntary, anonymous, free participation based exclusively on objective data of the hospitals presented.


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