Well-managed shop windows are a great opportunity for the pharmacy

Sep 19, 2018
  • 39% of buyers remember the storefront vs 21% in 2014.
  • IQVIA and Shoppertec already have Farma Shopper 2018 results available.
  • Consumer Health's largest buyer and customer study at the pharmacy.

The Farma Shopper 2018 study, prepared by IQVIA and Shoppertec, shows that 39% of Consumer Health buyers in the pharmacy remember the showcase vs 21% in 2014. Although, there has been a lot of progress in recent years, there is still room for improvement, especially in small and medium pharmacies.

The pharmacy has improved the execution and the impact of shop windows on its clientele. This fact reflects that there is a greater awareness of the importance of the showcase as a key element to communicate its positioning and attract customers, as well as the evident influence of the laboratories in communicating the best practices in their execution.

It is recommended that pharmacies manage the showcase as an important element in the marketing plan of the pharmacy and not as a real estate asset. In addition, rely on laboratories with important brands for the pharmacy.

The laboratory should only invest if the showcase is effective. You must help the pharmacy design windows that work. Measure if they work and why it is vital to achieve the expected results and make the investment profitable

Pharma Shopper Study 2018

Farma Shopper 2018 is the largest consumer and customer study of Consumer Health in the pharmacy ever made in Spain. The goal is to understand who buys, how, where and why; to help labs in their categories and increase the detailed knowledge of your buyer, and thus know where and how you should invest to influence the buying process.

The study that has been carried out during the months of May and June of 2018, combines different quantitative and qualitative methodologies, with more than 60 audited categories. 2,000 online surveys of the general public have been carried out; 11,400 surveys to buyers leaving the pharmacy; 1,200 follow-ups with observation to buyers throughout the tour in their visit to the establishment; 5,000 observations to buyers in their interaction with the pharmacist (100 per category audited); PDV audits with the key variables of universes and audited categories; 22 in-depth interviews with pharmacists; 120 purchases accompanied by in-depth interviews with buyers (with Eyetracking glasses); 150 surveys with Eyetracking in the room and post interview of more than 150 stimuli.


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