First Biotech Companies IQVIA Forum

Jul 03, 2018

On June 28, IQVIA Spain celebrated the First Biotech Companies IQVIA Forum entitled ‘How to maximize the value of my product through a good Clinical Development Strategy?’

The forum began with the presentation of Antonio Vila-Coro, Account Director Emerging Pharma of IQVIA, who had the initiative to carry out the event with the idea that small biotechnology companies could learn a lot from Big Pharma.

Carolina Rubel, Clinical Project Management Director of IQVIA, spoke about the design of the clinical strategy to maximize the value of the product under development and the importance of the initial phase of the analysis. She explained that the Target Product Profile (TPP) can be use to design the clinical strategy.

Finally, José González Martínez, Associate Principal, Consulting Service, Strategy & Portfolio Analysis of IQVIA, explained the economic aspects of clinical development. González highlighted the importance of being prepared for the questions that the investors may have and stated that ‘product risk’ is one of the factors that interests most. 

The forum was broadcast via Twitter using the hashtag #ForoEBP.