IQVIA in the On Digital Healthcare II Edition

Jun 19, 2018

On June 12, IQVIA Spain participated as a sponsor in the On Digital Healthcare II edition event, which was entitled: "Personalization and loyalty to achieve a patient centricity orientation".

The event was attended by more than 150 healthcare professionals involved in the digital world who enjoyed a program with a series of expert panels and study cases related to digital strategy.

Sergio Palanca, Principal Technology of IQVIA Spain, participated in a panel entitled 'Towards the optimization of iMCM (Integration of CRM and authorization of omnichannel marketing): the true heart of the company' with representatives of Rovi, Mylan and Normon. Palanca claimed that "Companies have to understand their digital maturity to be able to create multichannel strategies".

IQVIA Spain also had a stand to deliver brochures related to its work in multichannel, OCE, MCM and Nexxus Social.