​Pharmacy Focus Excellence

Dec 21, 2017

At IQVIA, we want to accompany the pharmacist on his way to success. That's why we are introducing a new solution called Pharmacy Focus Excellence.

This tool makes it possible to make the most reliable comparisons in the market thanks to the more than 5,000 cooperating pharmacies. In addition, as we know that each pharmacy is different depending on the area where it is, we show an individualized area of influence for each one, as well as a comparative at the provincial and national levels.

With Pharmacy Focus Excellence you will be able to anticipate market movements and be the first to make strategic decisions, such as deciding lines and assortments to be incorporated into the pharmacy, optimizing your stock and identifying which products are not sold and should be eliminated.

The manager of each pharmacy will be able to categorize the pharmacy with a language that is easily identifiable with the categories of the pharmacy. Everything on the same screen and easily and intuitively. 

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