Third OneKey Client Advisory Board held in Russia

Apr 09, 2020

On April 9, the OneKey team held the third regular Client Advisory Board (first organized at the end of 2019). The meeting was dedicated to the OneKey service functioning in a new reality.

Artem Onufriev accompanied his speech with a presentation of the Q1 2020 results. We showed all planned goals are achieved on time and even ahead of schedule:

  • a hierarchy for TOP-300 pharmacy chains is available;
  • TIN for pharmacies has been implemented in the OneKey database;
  • a bricks structure of the CIS countries has been updated (Belarus, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Georgia);
  • a new parameter “Subspecialty” has been introduced;
  • the technical process of the Digital Profile project was launched;
  • the OKC Metrics was launched (a service that allows a client to track activity on requests).

Next, we discussed with participants how IQVIA adapts to new realities and reacts to them. In particular, validating requests to add/change/delete a doctor’s record. Participants noted that almost all companies reduced their visiting activity, including remote visits, while continuing visits to inpatient facilities, charity functions, or visits to highly specialized persons (if possible in the region). The OneKey team has presented its current solution, namely limiting/canceling calls for validation, canceling deactivation, and adding new persons under a private flag. These steps have been supported by Advisory Board. Furthermore, new tools for validation were discussed - the use of Internet resources (the criteria for the sources used).

The meeting was held as an active discussion, and all participants noted that the current situation accelerates the digitalization process and motivates us to search for new opportunities.