First OneKey Client Advisory Board held in Russia

Dec 30, 2019

On December 12, 2019, Russia hosted the first OneKey Client Advisory Board, which was attended by 22 persons from 14 companies.

OneKey Client Advisory Board is a unique platform for IQVIA and its strategic partners to collaborate and help to achieve business results. This is a platform that allows you to hear customers, better understand the challenges of today and help achieve the goals of our partners, creating and developing solutions that provide business results.

IQVIA creates OneKey Advisory Boards around the world in different countries as well as globally, and this year this initiative was supported by the IQVIA team of Russia and the CIS.

The Advisory Board was held in a friendly and businesslike atmosphere. Nikolai Demidov, General Director of IQVIA Russia and CIS, opened the event, emphasizing the importance of the client's opinion for the company. Artem Onufriev (Head of OneKey) and Vladimir Poluyan (Sales Solution) presented the roadmap of OneKey service in Russia and the CIS, where they showed the planned expansion of the service in three main directions: data expansion (including new attributes, development of a new Digital & KOL profile of a person, prospects of OneKey service in the CIS countries); implementation of new data exchange technologies and certification of integration partners (APIs); and implementation of new services that help customers to have access to the necessary information in real time.

During the group discussions, the participants of the event actively discussed the pressing expectations of the OneKey service, in which aspects the service can be improved to obtain greater benefits for business today and in the future, as well as a heated discussion was caused by the topic of Digital & KOL profile.

The participants noted the applicability, timeliness and relevance of the implementation of the hierarchy of pharmacy chains in business based on a symbiosis of official data (state register of issued licenses) and expert estimation.

Then the concept of using OneKey data as a platform for integrated solutions in daily business was presented. The discussion turned on the issues of sources used, goals and end users.

According to the assessment of our participants and IQVIA employees, the expectations of the event were met. Everyone noted the necessity and regularity of such events.

This event allowed for an open and constructive dialogue with clients. The applicability of our bold initiatives has been confirmed, and weaknesses that require the attention of IQVIA have been identified. The Advisory Board has brought certainty to the priorities for the development of OneKey service in other countries.

We are looking forward to new meetings with our clients and are ready to move forward together.

OneKey Client Advisory Board held in Russia