IQVIA Consumer Health Choice Awards

Nov 07, 2018

For the second time IQVIA announced the Consumer Health Choice Awards at their yearly client conference, recognizing the best performing brands (umbrella brand) and companies (corporation) of the Russian OTC market 2018. The driving factors for the awards are sales, with a special focus on growth. IQVIA awarded seven winners and to measure true consumer choice, all awards are based on IQVIA PharmaTrend, the sell-out reporting at final retail price value, generally MAT 07/2018. The driving teams behind those companies and brands delivered some outstanding work and can be proud of their achievements! 

#1 OTC brand (value): Nurofen®

In the three previous years we saw each year a different brand on the top spot in Russia: Essentiale, Kagocel and then Nurofen. Now Nurofen is the first brand in years that could defend the first place in the highly dynamic Russian OTC market. Congratulations to the Reckitt-Benckiser team! Runners-up were Detralex, which rose from 6th to 2nd place and pushed Kagocel to 3rd. It will be exciting to see the battle between Nurofen and Detralex next year. 


#1 OTC brand (3-year absolute value growth): Detralex®

Absolute growth is a powerful measure as it shows the additional value brought to the market for both trade & consumers. For long-term growth we measured the total contribution over three years – the difference in sales between MAT 07/2015 and MAT 07/2018 and see following brands in ascending order: Rinostop, Mycoderil, Venarus, Miramistin and the winner Detralex from Servier. All five mentioned brands delivered excellent sustainable performance.  Congratulations!


#1 OTC brand (annual value growth): Venarus®

We award a second absolute growth price, focusing on current year growth only, to the strongest performer in the last 12 months. Here we saw following five brands shortlisted, again in ascending order: Dolgit, Phosphogliv, Pentalgin, then on second place again Detralex, but on first place, the brand which won the most additional sales in MAT 07/2018 was Venarus from Obolensk. Congratulations to all five brands!


#1 OTC brand (annual growth rate of top-100 OTC brands): Dolgit®

Finally, on brand growth we rewarded also relative growth, and this is tricky as it requires to define a cut-off point to not award a brand going from insignificant sales to a high multiple. We decided the cut off at top-100 OTC brands, which represent almost half of the total Russian OTC market. Fast growing brands in this wider cluster can be stars of the future. These brands were fastest growing, in ascending order: Phleboida, Trimedat Valenta, Phosphogliv, and Venarus came second, but the winner was Dolgit from Dr. Theiss. Congratulations! 


#1 OTC company (value): OTCPharm

The first of two company awards goes to the #1 OTC company by sales. Three years ago (MAT 07/2015) the biggest OTC company in Russia was Sanofi, however this changed a year later and for the last two years, as well as the current year (a total of three years), the #1 OTC company is OTCPharm. On second place remains Bayer and on third Sanofi, as in last year. OTCPharm would have also won highest absolute growth for 3Y & 1Y periods. OTCPharm is now the most dominating player in the Russian OTC market, it has clearly further strengthened its position over last year. Congratulations!


#1 OTC company (3Y CAGR of top-20 companies): Akrikhin-Pharma

As with brands we also have a relative growth winner and we decided the cut-off point to be at the top-20 companies as these are, similarly, representing just over half of the Russian OTC market. As long-term sustainability is important, we took the combined annual growth rate (CAGR) over three years, so the average yearly growth from MAT 07/2015 to MAT 07/2018. The fastest growing companies among the top-20 in ascending order are: Pharmstandard, Bionorica, Valenta, OTCPharm, and only one is growing faster and that is Akrikhin. Congratulations to that achievement to the whole team at Akrikhin! 


#1 OTC launch in Russia 2017 (sales in first six months of launch): MestaMidin-Sens

Finally, we would like to award the most successful launch of 2017. To measure this, we have taken all launches (only completely new brands, no line extensions) at any month of 2017 and calculated the sales from the first month of launch down to the sixth month. Here we saw following brands in ascending order: Phazostabil, Exostat and the winner was MestaMidin-Sens from Solopharm, which was launched in August 2017. Congratulations to this achievement – new launches are the lifeblood of the OTC market and it is critical to get them successful – IQVIA can support new launches with extensive services. 

Again, we congratulate the winners of all seven awards for their amazing achievements and look forward to the awards of 2019 – all the best to you all to get into the rankings next year! We at IQVIA are happy to help with all your needs to drive success!