About IQVIA Philippines

We are IQVIA, The Human Data Science Company 

Healthcare is an industry designed to help humans. As a global community, we continuously invest and commit to advancing human health. To deliver value and real outcomes. To rise to the challenge to find the next breakthrough by making the most of increasingly limited resources. 

We are inspired by the potential and propelled by the possibilities. We share the vision to drive healthcare forward. To see how we can help accelerate progress and achievements. Others are developing these medical breakthroughs. We do our part by using breakthroughs in insights, technology and human intelligence to reimagine and deliver ways to help make them a reality. 

It’s bigger than better clinical trials. Or advances in technologies and analytics. Or faster insights. It’s about unleashing the power of human data science. And that is why IMS Health and Quintiles have come together to be IQVIA, The Human Data Science Company. 

Motivated by the industry we help, we’re committed to providing solutions that enable life sciences companies to innovate with confidence, maximize opportunities, and, ultimately, drive human health outcomes forward. 

IQVIA Philippines (Commercial) 

History & Overview 

Established in Makati City in 1968, IQVIA has one of the most comprehensive offering portfolios in the Philippines. We are the leading partner of nearly every major pharmaceutical and healthcare organization in the country. Our combination of industry experience and expertise helps industry players optimize portfolios, ensure successful launches, manage brands, and improve effectiveness of sales teams, among others. We support our many and varied partners through our expansive commercial solutions which includes sell-in sales audits, prescription audits, sales force effectiveness tools, market research, and training programs, among others. 

Key Offerings 

National Sales Audits (NSA) 

IQVIA supports the activities of its stakeholder in marketing/branding effectiveness and strategy/portfolio planning through the National Sales Audits (NSA). Obtained from a large data gathering network of key healthcare channels, NSA allows clients to scan the market for trend shifts, develop winning strategies, and track the impact of their business actions. NSA covers major market channels via the following reports: 

Philippine Pharmaceutical Index (PPI). A quantitative monitoring of medicine sales incorporating actual data from distributors, direct manufacturers, and retail pharmacies and nationally representative sample of pharmacy outlets. The PPI provides a macro view of drugstore sales at a national to regional level. 

Data Source: Distributor and Direct Manufacturer (DDM) data and projected Panel 

Coverage: National and Regions (i.e. Greater Manila Area, Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao) 

Report Frequency: Monthly/Quarterly/Semestral/Ad hoc 

Delivery Format 

IMS Analysis Manager (IAM): online platform 

Pre-set Excel report (for select category reports) 

Philippine Hospital Pharmaceutical Audit (PHPA). Audit providing quantitative information on sales transactions from hospital-based pharmacies nationwide. It gives a macro view of hospital sales from a national to regional level, and helps clients track and evaluate market size and competitors' performance as well as identify new business opportunities. 

Data Source 

Distributor and Direct Manufacturer (DDM) data and project Panel 


National and Regions (i.e. Greater Manila Area, Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao) 

Report Frequency 

Monthly/Quarterly/Semestral/Ad hoc 

Delivery Format 

IMS Analysis Manager (IAM): online platform 

Pre-set Excel report (for selected markets) 

Consumer Health Analysis Philippines (CHAP)™. The CHAP leverages on the strength of IQVIA in market data coverage and business information technologies to support Consumer Health clients conduct their business better. Designed for convenience, flexibility, and decision-readiness, CHAP is made available via a web-based system equipped with powerful analytics to help marketers clearly understand market dynamics, and facilitate speedy identification of both growth opportunities and competitive threats. CHAP hosts user-friendly functions such as graph and spreadsheet exporting for greater efficiency when converting data into sales reports. CHAP covers key Consumer Health categories such as OTC medicine, personal care, patient care, and nutritional products. 

Data Source: Distributor and Direct Manufacturer (DDM) and projected Panel 

Coverage: National and Regions (i.e., Greater Manila Area, Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao, and top 10 cities per region) 

Report Frequency: Monthly/Quarterly/Ad hoc 

Delivery Format: Web-based dashboard 

Philippine Medical Data Index (PMDI) 

The PMDI is a national quantitative survey of individual, outpatient doctor prescriptions and patient consultations. The PMDI is a tracking study of the patterns of diseases and their treatment by physicians in general and specialized practices. The PMDI’s unique contribution lies in relating the diagnosis formed by the physician to the specific therapy prescribed and the type of patient treated. It also provides prescribing behavior, diagnosis, and medicine types prescribed via semi-annual surveys of doctors. 

Data Source 

National-level market survey of a representative sample of key doctor specialties 


National and Regions (i.e., Greater Manila Area, Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao) 

Report Frequency 


Delivery Format 

  • PMDIPlus: online platform 
  • Hard Copy 
  • Pre-set Excel reports (for selected category reports) 

Primary intelligence solutions can be customized at every stage of the product cycle

Global Measurement Instruments (GMI). IQVIA offers global market measurement services for clients requiring detailed market information on more than 70 countries across the globe. This is done through syndicated analytics and customized market insights. Through GMI, we are able to address business needs around branding and marketing effectives; strategy and portfolio planning; business information management; and access, pricing and reimbursement. Clients are given access to comprehensive market measurements and review of major growth drivers – from early-stage R&D all the way through to loss of exclusivity – to facilitate strategy maximization and fine tune regional/global business decisions. 

Commercial Effectiveness Services

Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE). Drawing from our multi-layer source of prescription, patient, provider, and channel information, IQVIA helps clients strengthen their sales processes. With granular market information on hand - bolstered with our deep insights on the industry's commercial processes - we help clients design, implement, and measure sales programs to enable true sales force excellence. We offer a leading proprietary report called the Drug Distribution Data (DDD). DDD is an industry leading SFE tool that aids clients to optimize call planning and execution, better align sales territories, efficiently develop incentive schemes, and create a more solid sales structure for effective results.

Primary Intelligence

IQVIA provides further insights from our syndicated audits (i.e., NSA, PMDI, CHAP) and help clients answer specialized business questions with its market research services. Using our proprietary primary intelligence tools, we conduct customized researches with doctors, pharmacists, nurses, payers and patients, among others. We utilize qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and develop reports that are calibrated to answer clients’ specialized business questions. Figure 1 illustrates some of the various market research solutions of IQVIA designed to assist client decisions in each stage of the product lifecycle.

Learning Solutions. Utilizing a sophisticated instructional approach that incorporates simulations and e-learning solutions, our top-rated trainers with local and regional expertise provide extensive experience and deep knowledge around such topics as Area Planning & Management, Product Management, Marketing for Non-Marketers, Technical Marketing, New Product Launches, Practical Forecasting, Market Research, and Sales Force Effectiveness.