About IQVIA Pakistan

About Us

We first began operating in Pakistan in 1967 and in 1989 opened an office in Karachi, the country's largest city with a population of 15 million (2017). IQVIA Pakistan is highly regarded in the country's biopharmaceutical industry because of the accuracy of its data services and the high quality of its service delivery. Data are collected from more than 1,000 distributors, then analyzed and organized to provide clients with timely, actionable insights to improve their commercial success.

IQVIA Pakistan General Manager Dr. Amanullah Khan, whose career with our company spans almost 30 years, is highly respected leader in the Pakistan biopharmaceutical industry. He holds an MBBS degree and an MBA in Marketing.

  • Pakistan Pharmaceutical Index (PKPI) -Total Pakistan Retail Market
  • IMSPlus Software for PKPI - Software version of PKPI
  • Medical Data Index (MDI) - Total Prescription data of Pakistan
  • IMSPlus Software for MDI - Software version of MDI
  • Sales Analyzer (SA) - Sales data at Micro level (Brick Level)
  • Daily Sales Report (DSR) - To monitor the Daily sales of a company
  • Pharmacy Level Data (PLD) - Sales Data at Pharmacy level
  • Field Force Optimization (FFO) - How to manage size of a field force
  • Oncology Sales Report (OSR) - Total Oncology Sales in Pakistan
  • Primary Market Research (PMR) - Customized report
  • Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) - Customized data
  • World Review Pack (WRP) - Data for other Countries.