About Us

Driving Healthcare Performance in Malaysia

Established in the 1980s, IQVIA Malaysia has one of the most comprehensive offering portfolios in the region. We offer a full spectrum of clinical and commercial solutions for biopharmaceutical, medical device and other healthcare clients.

We have a strong history of innovation to meet client needs. Two of our 11 Prime Sites in Asia Pacific are in Malaysia. Prime Sites are major leading institutions with access to large numbers of patients and broad therapeutic expertise.

In 2014 we introduced the Malaysia Distributors Pharmaceutical Index (MDPI) to provide monthly market performance monitoring; in 2013 Malaysia MOH collaborated with our company to collate all the MOH Pharmaceutical procurement data, enabling IQVIA to launch the of Malaysia institute and Government Hospital Report (MiGHT).

Some of our other commercial solutions include the Malaysia Pharmaceutical Audit with postcode level data and the Malaysia Government Report, a consolidated view of the overall biopharmaceutical market.

Market Overview

Malaysia’s healthcare infrastructure continues to evolve. The government is promoting disease prevention and healthier living; it is improving healthcare access to address the rapidly growing incidence of chronic non-communicable diseases. Expansion of the private hospital sector, helped by liberalization of foreign investment and encouragement of medical tourism and the medical travel industry, presents further growth opportunity.

Government cost-containment measures include promotion of generics, the closer monitoring of drug prices, and changes to the pricing system, as well as a proposed pharmacoeconomic evaluation for listing on the Ministry of Health Formulary.

Supported by the world's largest and most diverse set of healthcare information with global breadth and granular depth of actionable insights, IQVIA Malaysia offers the following solutions:

Clinical Research

IQVIA has two decades of clinical research experience in Malaysia. We have the resources, experience and site relationships necessary to help our clients' conduct clinical research in Malaysia to global standards. We have strong relationships with Malaysia's top hospitals and leading clinical research institutions. This enables faster study start-up and rapid patient recruitment. Our operations teams in Malaysia are seamlessly connected to our company's global infrastructure and leading experts across the global.

Our extensive experience enhances our ability to identify and resolve study issues before they become problems. This experience is especially important during start-up, when inexperience can cause costly delays. Our solid relationships with leading sites and investigators enable us to collect high-quality data quickly and conduct trials in Malaysia to global standards.

Commercial Solutions

  • Commercial effectiveness services: including sales analytics, optimization & compensation.
  • Primary Intelligence throughout lifecycle of products
  • Marketing Insights including Launch Excellence, Adoption Analysis multi-channel optimization, market opportunity analysis and penetration strategies.