Winning in the Indian Pharmaceutical Market
White Paper
Nov 30, 2018

The Indian Pharmaceutical Market (IPM) is one of the fastest growing markets globally, growing at a rate of 10% per annum*, despite recent impact of demonetization and GST roll-out. Globally, IPM is the largest exporter of generics, by volume, with the total Indian pharma export market estimated at USD ~17 Billion,1 which is in addition to the domestic market of USD ~18 Billion.2 Furthermore, India accounts for ~40% of generic drug approvals in the US, based on FY17 data,3 thereby indicating increasing relevance of India in the global pharma market. It is pertinent to mention that over 10,000+ companies operate in India, employing 5,00,000+ people and providing medication to 1.3 Billion people.4,5

In recent times, increased pricing pressures in US market, has prompted Indian companies and the investor community to shift their focus to expanding and understanding the domestic business, respectively. Often, due to the dominance of branded generics, prevalence of out of pocket payments, and prescriber as the key stakeholder, the complexity of operating in India is underestimated and companies are analyzed via broad strokes.

Through our whitepaper titled 'Winning in the Indian Pharmaceutical Market', we have established a framework that highlights different models or archetypes by which companies access the market, with special emphasis on the critical success factors in each archetype. The report is divided into three sections exploring various aspects of 'how to win in the IPM'.


*3Y CAGR, MAT March 2018, used for growth unless mentioned otherwise.

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