IQVIA Hands-on Training “Regional Data”

May 14, 2018  -  May 14, 2018

Darmstädter Landstraße 108, 60598 Frankfurt am Main, Germany (View map)


Objective: The hands-on training provides beginners with general information on the wide range of regional IQVIA data. It is crucial that the future user is fully aware of the differences between the various data types. This is the only way they will be able to make the right decision in their day-to-day work when choosing a given data type for a particular purpose.

Prerequisite: No special knowledge is required to participate in the hands-on training.

Conditions of attendance

Target group: The hands-on training is directed primarily at new users of IMS RPM or IMS PharmaScope and/or IMS Xponent, e.g. colleagues from the pharmaceuticals industry involved in marketing, product management, sales controlling or sales force management, or those working as sales reps.

Duration/number of participants: The hands-on training lasts one day and takes place at IQVIA in Frankfurt am Main. The number of participants is limited to eight people, which allows us to respond to questions individually. A minimum number of three participants is required.

Contents/program: After an introduction to theoretical aspects, participants use examples from actual practice to learn how to deploy the regional IQVIA information to make a sales force more effective and enhance their motivation. At the end of the hands-on training, each participant receives a confirmation of attendance at the session.

Attendance fee (only for non-subscribers): EUR 500 per day


Nina Streckmann

+49 (0)69-6604 4221