Flashlight, the IQVIA newsletter, is published eight times a year, featuring topics such as changes in health policies, innovations on the pharmaceuticals market, the challenges posed by new technical solutions, healthcare research and other phenomena in the healthcare sector. We hope you have an enjoyable read!

The latest issues can be downloaded below.

Flashlight Ausgabe 62

Topics featured:

  • Market penetration of biosimilars in Europe: key factors of market success
  • "Real World" Evidence: complementing clinical trials
  • How do doctors assess the communication of the pharmaceutical industry in the context of multichannel management?


Flashlight Ausgabe 61

Topics featured:

  • New QuintilesIMS white paper: The future of the industry for medical devices
  • Unity in diversity – multi-channel management in customer communication
  • “Social Listening” – keeping an ear open to what is happening online


Flashlight Issue 60

Topics featured:

  • Good start to 2017: OTC market set to grow
  • Biological medicinal products: “This therapeutic class will become a permanent fixture in a host of therapeutic areas”
  • Supporting the patient journey – involving patients as much as possible to achieve better therapy outcomes


Flashlight Issue 59

Topics featured:

  • The mail order business in pharmaceuticals: strong showing in OTC products since autumn 2016
  • Brexit means changes for parallel trade in pharmaceuticals in Europe
  • Multi-channel measures: the challenges in European countries


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