Uncovering Best Practices in Med Tech Sales and Marketing
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The emergence of integrated healthcare networks, as well as mergers and acquisitions activity means that in many cases broad purchasing power is being consolidated into the hands of fewer and more influential decision-makers.

The traditional approach of face-to-face visits with doctors and administrators is no longer reliable in scenarios where access to face time is restricted by a lack of availability or regulation, and the ways that these prospects can be contacted will often have restrictions attached that force marketing and sales to develop synergistic and creative strategies for outreach.

The only way forward is to adapt, utilizing innovative solutions to apply a multichannel strategy that puts the content that prospects need to see at their fingertips, over all the channels they use, whenever they wish to access information. Following in the footsteps of industries like retail, medical device manufacturers are coming to utilize solutions for social and online listening to bolster their market analytics, supplementing the information that they already get directly from sales’ experience in the field and market research that marketing gathers from surveys, focus groups, and other sources.

Ultimately, breaking down communication and data silos that exist between sales and marketing will play a key role in how well organizations adapt to change in the market. A movement towards holistic data analytics that draws from every available source to tell a story is underway, though 20% of respondents still use spreadsheets and fail to share relevant information across the organization, respectively. Pressure to adapt will only increase as technology for generating insights outstrips what is possible through legacy strategies and systems. It’s a challenging, yet exciting time for the industry as digital transformation becomes less of a distant possibility and more of a pressing reality.


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