The Rise of Pharma's Chief Orchestration Officer
White Paper

Moving to the orchestration commercial model requires change on many levels. That’s why pharmacos will need a strong leader in the Chief Orchestration Officer (COO) position. Pharma employees are also people, and change is one of their most common fears. A COO with a clear horizontal view can navigate the organization through a complex environment, to a place where it is delighting customers, operating more efficiently, and achieving higher profit margins.

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry continues to rank as one of the most complex industries in the world. At the core of its complexity are regulatory changes and rapid transformations prompting probing questions on how the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry (pharmacos) will evolve. Particularly, how will pharmacos continue to commercialize drugs in the life sciences marketplace

Until now, commercial operations of most pharmacos consisted of retrofitted tools such as sales force automation, customer relationship management systems for field force purposes, marketing automation, digital message execution, and delivery tools for multichannel marketing purposes. These awkwardly retrofitted, non-industry specific systems, “coupled” (only slightly integrated) with a handful of industry specific technology tools and processes make up commercial operations. Pharmacos rely on these tools for formulary and/or guideline inclusion, market access, medical affairs, key opinion leader feedback, and home office/call center tools.

One could argue that executives in commercial operations in most pharmacos today are magicians, “making the most” by coupling non-industry specific tools in a retrofitted way, to meet the industry standards of efficiency, measurability and effectiveness to to enable differentiation in commercial operations. This is like trying to make an Indy 500 race car from retrofitted parts, and ending up with a functioning pace car. In 2018, pharmacos sales are projected to be $1.6 trillion, challenging these “magicians” to make the most of a smorgasbord of tools and processes to drive sales. If these projections are to be true, then commercial operations must evolve and become more efficient, faster, and deliver near real time responses and solutions to meet the increasing demands from the life sciences marketplace.


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