The Power of Remote Personal Interactions
Could life sciences companies be doing better?
White Paper
Jun 04, 2019

Life sciences companies need new ways to interact with HCPs. Remote interactions allow companies to have remote meetings with HCPs in a virtual space, at a time that is convenient to the HCPs. Research from IQVIA has shown that HCPs find these meetings useful and informative. Getting remote interactions right requires life sciences companies to have the right capabilities, while outsourced partners can provide the expertise, insight and technology to make it successful from the start.

Engagement between life sciences companies and HCPs has always been about interactions between people, in order to build trust-based relationships. Traditionally, the interactions have relied on face-to-face meetings with presentations based on printed sales aids and leave-pieces. As time to meet with HCPs comes under increasing pressure, and technology is more widely accepted in day-to-day life, digital approaches are providing additional engagement opportunities for HCPs.

According to IQVIA Channel Dynamics data1 , there was a 26% decline in total contact minutes for face-to-face detailing in Europe since 2011 and in a survey of IQVIA contract sales force representatives, 65% to 85% of reps said that access to physicians has become harder.

Remote interactions, such as e-Detailing, offer a convenient and flexible means to combine personal and digital engagement. In a 2018 survey looking at the multi-channel landscape in life sciences, 54% of the 250 respondents from pharma and biotech were using virtual interactions already, or were planning to assess the approach.

Despite not being widely used as part of promotional or engagement strategies, Channel Dynamics data shows that remote contact is frequently amongst the top three most impactful interactions, alongside educational events and face-to-face representative meetings. Thus, it can play an increasingly important role in the industry’s current challenges.


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