Technology Cannot Replace People
Patient support programs need a personal approach
White Paper
Sep 19, 2018

Biopharma companies can no longer take for granted that the incremental benefit or improved mode of action of a new therapy will lead to widespread uptake. Patient support programs (PSPs), offered by biopharma, are not yet commonplace; however, where they do exist they must be designed and then evolve to measure outcomes and demonstrate value. This is in response to changes in long-term disease prevalence; shifts in company R&D pipelines; an evolving regulatory environment; and current policymaker agendas focused on patient autonomy.

To be effective PSPs should be designed based on an understanding of the patient journey — pre-diagnosis/ at risk, diagnosis, treatment decision and initiation, maintenance and aftercare — and differing needs at various steps along the way. PSPs can support the clinical management of healthcare professionals (HCPs), using a tailored approach with effective use of online resources and technology. True multichannel programming uses all available channels to deliver content effectively and adheres to best practices in adult learning. Successful PSPs maximize engagement and medication adherence.

Yet, technology alone cannot replace people. The best programs combine human interaction with technology, providing the convenience and advantages of technology combined with the surveillance of HCPs.

These offer biopharma companies a way to clearly demonstrate the product value by optimizing patient care and outcomes.


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