​Partnering Solutions for Emerging Biopharma
​Alternative outsourcing strategies to improve probability of success
White Paper

This white paper discusses partnering solutions that are specifically tailored for emerging biopharma. Given tremendous advances in this segment of the overall biopharmaceutical market, even though each company may only have one or two assets, the total pipeline is equivalent to roughly two-thirds of the entire global industry pipeline. Emerging biopharma is well served by fully collaborative outsourcing arrangements with service providers. In an increasingly complex drug development and healthcare environment, it is extremely important for companies to be able to demonstrate value, even if their intention is to be acquired or to out-license their asset following proof-of-concept. Transitioning from transactional to fully integrated outsourced partnering options can be extremely beneficial in this regard, since it enables the company to leverage their partner’s therapeutic expertise, resourcing capabilities, and organizational infrastructure.

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