Next Generation Target Product Profiles
How Real-World Data delivers precise insights
White Paper
Feb 20, 2018

Combining real-world data (RWD) synergistically with primary market research (PMR) delivers more granular and robust insights to enable more effective development of next generation Target Product Profiles (TPPs) through overcoming the inherent methodological limitations of a traditional PMR-only approach.

The next generation TPP informed by such a rich and robust insight foundation is better equipped to support internal decision making and forecasts, while holding up to increased scrutiny by healthcare stakeholders and addressing demand for demonstrating differential value.

Using a Target Product Profile (TPP) during a development programme is well-established best practice to provide focus, enable alignment of both clinical and commercial stakeholders around a common vision, and to facilitate dialogue with regulatory authorities.1 If executed well, a TPP significantly reduces the risk of costly late-stage development failures. < p>

As a statement of intent, a TPP lays out the goals for a product development programme and informs key clinical and commercial decisions along the lifecycle, from early development through to launch.

Naturally, a TPP evolves over time as new information about the product and the relevant market context emerges and refinements to the clinical development programme are made.

For a TPP to be clinically relevant and commercially compelling, it needs to be firmly anchored in an indepth understanding of unmet needs against the backdrop of future competitive dynamics. In addition, a TPP is shaped by healthcare stakeholders’ scrutiny, their definition of value and their expectations for supporting evidence.


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