Medical Device Development in Asia-Pacific
The challenges and opportunities of patient recruitment and retention
White Paper
Jul 30, 2018

Asia-Pacific is experiencing unprecedented growth in the medical device space, forecasting an 8 percent CAGR, reaching USD$133 billion in 2020. With devices having a much shorter life-cycle than biopharma products, speed is of the essence in the conduct of medical device trials. An effective patient recruitment and retention strategy can propel medical device trials in the right direction by addressing cultural and organizational challenges and opportunities.

The Asia-Pacific medical device market is evolving and growing quickly. Analysts tip the market to expand at 8 percent CAGR in the coming years, driving the total size from USD $88 billion in 2015 up to $133 billion in 2020 1. Along the way, Asia-Pacific will surpass the European Union and become the second largest medical device market.

Medical device growth in Asia-Pacific is underpinned by technological progress and recognition of the fact that these products create value for patients and payors. Benefitting from technological advances in fields as diverse as microelectronics and biotechnology, devices treat a fast-growing number of diseases and meet the needs of increasingly valuefocused healthcare systems.

As a result, more medical device trials than ever are taking place, both in the West and in emerging markets. As of September 2012, 9,095 medical device trials were registered on 2. That number represents less than 7 percent of all studies registered on the site. Both figures have increased over the past five years. As of September 2017, 24,533 medical device trials were registered 3. This represents almost 10 percent of all trials registered on the site and a 170 percent increase in the number of studies in 2012.

This paper discusses the value that Asia-Pacific trial sites can provide, the challenges in patient recruitment and retention that sponsors may potentially face when running studies in the region, and how partnering mitigates these potential downsides. 


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