Life Sciences Content Management Reimagined
Applying human-centered design for a consumer-grade experience
White Paper
Apr 30, 2019

In nearly every aspect of consumers' lives, people are enjoying a new relationship with machines. The exception is when consumers go to work. Enterprise software, or business-grade applications, are typically not intuitive. Navigation is complex. The interface looks and feels completely different from what people experience outside of the office. And users are increasingly unhappy with the contrast. IQVIA is overhauling our approach to transform the whole process of content management – including most fundamentally, the user experience.

The reason? Enterprise software solutions have generally not been developed to the same user experience standards as consumer software. Fortunately, with respect to content management systems (CMSs) in particular, there is no reason why this should continue to be the case; a CMS can be designed to be as easy and pleasing to use as consumer applications available on mobile devices.

It’s time to draw a line in the sand and insist that the user experience with content management software be improved. Training our way out of the complexity built into these systems is no longer a viable answer. We must adopt a human-centered design approach to enterprise software development. Doing so will be nothing short of transformational for users within the life sciences industry.

Here, we lay out IQVIA’s vision for a more effective and intuitive content management application.

The user experience of the near future

We’re already seeing a shift in the way that humans engage with machines, technology and one another. We’re moving from keyboards to touchscreens. From typing to voice commands. And from separate physical and digital worlds to an immersive one where the physical and the digital begin to merge. In Gartner’s words, “The way people interact with and perceive the digital world is being transformed.


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Clinical Content Management

Manage trial master files from planning through archive with solutions designed to improve workflow efficiency, promote collaboration, and support compliance.

Commercial Content Management (ePromo)

Explore how ePromo can help manage promotional and medical information assets across the full content lifecycle, from creation to expiry to withdrawal.

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