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White Paper
Feb 13, 2018

Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly reliant on multiple sources of data and information as they try to cope with the growing complexity of a marketplace in which business decisions need to accommodate an ever-broadening spectrum of stakeholders. To compete successfully in this environment, and deliver genuine benefits to patients, health professionals, and healthcare systems, companies need a 360-degree view of market trends and competitor activities.

Information systems are evolving to meet this challenge. Integrated desk research (i-DR) seeks to maximize the value of multiple inputs through structural analytics, pattern recognition and other advanced techniques, along with expert judgment that sifts and prioritizes data according to the context. With its broad range of capabilities and technologies, IQVIA provides a single hub for six key elements that define and differentiate i-DR: IQVIA data assets, non-IQVIA/open-source data, real-world evidence, practitioner skills, pattern recognition techniques, and a sustained commitment to innovation.

By combining traditional desk research with a mixture of quantitative and qualitative inputs, including new information channels such as social media, i-DR practitioners can craft an intelligence mosaic. This can be used as a basis for actionable insights, wellsubstantiated business decisions, validation of existing inputs, or guidance on in-depth research.

i-DR methodologies can be tailored to a variety of business challenges, especially when characterized by ambiguity or where a swift response is needed. The weighting of expert judgment versus quantitative and qualitative inputs, and the way these components are integrated into a framework for generating insight, depends on the nature of the questions posed, timelines, and budgets. In addressing challenges around brand launches, market trends, competitor activity, or investment risks, i-DR uses triangulation strategies to find data patterns that translate information into insight and insight into informed, strategic decision-making.

i-DR will continue to evolve as data sources proliferate and new technologies and methodologies, such as collaborative analytics, emerge to tackle the questions that will inevitably arise in a constantly shifting market environment.

With its geographical reach, extensive data resources, in-market expertise, and capabilities in innovative technology, advanced analytics, forecasting, and consulting, as well as a wealth of smart-creative i-DR practitioners, IQVIA is ideally placed to move information gathering and analysis well beyond secondary data reviews. It is already positioning i-DR as a strategic function of significant value to its clients in negotiating today’s multi-faceted pharmaceutical market.

Read our whitepaper and learn how integrated desk research can provide you with the insight needed to stay ahead of your competitors.

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