Industry Support for Patient Advocacy Organizations: Do You Have the Right Tools?
White Paper
Oct 10, 2019

Patient Advocacy Organizations are key partners of Life Sciences companies. These influential industry stakeholders — generally non-profit entities — offer pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers a unique perspective on the healthcare marketplace, but strategic, transparency-focused management of these relationships is imperative.

In the white paper, "Industry Support for Patient Advocacy Organizations: Do You Have the Right Tools?", Keysha Bradford, IQVIA Associate Director of Compliance Services, shares key take-aways on: 

  • A holistic view of Life Science companies' relationships with PAOs when providing financial support
  • Mutually supportive relationships that respect values and ensures independence 
  • The importance of comprehensive, flexible technology solutions that facilitate optimal interaction with PAOs
  • Strategies that promote transparency while mitigating and managing potential conflicts of interest

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