Enhancing Commercial Insight in Healthcare Through Advanced Analytics
White Paper
Sep 13, 2018
In the Life Sciences commercial space, there is an acute need to better understand the customer, broadly defined, as well as product usage at ever deeper levels for a whole host of commercial applications. Acknowledging the ongoing need to ensure security and patient privacy, the volume and variety of data now available in the healthcare market offers an unprecedented opportunity to leverage these rich assets to better answer complex questions through analytics. Additionally, realtime evidence of product effectiveness, safety, and value is increasingly becoming a prerequisite for ongoing market access. The application of analytics is therefore moving beyond descriptions and interpretations of historical events (i.e., traditional analytics) and entering a realm whereby a new breed of predictive and prescriptive analytics (i.e., advanced analytics) is able to extract insight to provide a much better understanding of issues, outcomes and the likely results of potential courses of action, resulting in better commercial decision-making.
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