Data, Digitization and Disruption
Biopharma confronts the innovator's dilemma
White Paper
Sep 30, 2019

Over the last decade a series of market and technological changes has challenged biopharma companies to reimagine how they engage with key customers – and even to reconsider which customers are most important. As physicians increasingly share their central role in treatment decisions with other, often institutional stakeholders, manufacturers' traditional commercial model risks diminishing returns. The treatment decision-making process is shifting as rapid digitization amplifies the explosion of healthcare data sources and information. While the personalization of treatment strategies shows tantalizing promise, it rests upon the integration of multiple sources of information, drawn from multiple stakeholders, to provide tailored, precise treatments. Companies must envision a different model, designed to work across a more complex, multi-stakeholder landscape, in which their own role must evolve.

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