Accelerating market access for a maturing medtech industry in APAC
White Paper
Oct 29, 2018


As Asia Pacific continues to undergo unprecendented demographic changes, the need for a holistic approach to transform healthcare delivery has never been greater. Addressing the growing demand for healthcare in a fragmented region with disparate regulatory regimes, complex reimbursement systems, and conflicting policy priorities, requires a different kind of innovative thinking from all stakeholders across the MedTech ecosystem.

This paper, Accelerating Market Access for a Maturing MedTech Industry in APAC, published in collaboration with IQVIA, the Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association (APACMed), with significant contributions of key executives from the industry, aims to provide the context to this evolving environment, as governments continually strive to improve access to healthcare by fully leveraging the value of health technologies.

The paper shares rich insights into creating market access enabled organisations.Market access can no longer be understood through the narrow lens of pricing and reimbursement, without taking into consideration other elements such as regulatory, supply chain & channels, training & education, stakeholders & KOL management and financing. Thus, market access is defined here as "bringing of products or solutions to the right patient at the right price points in a timely manner through the efficient enablement of registrations, reimbursement, listing, training and supply".

To successfully achieve this, policymakers, payers, patient advocacy associations, healthcare workers, hospital administrators, academia, service providers, and medical technology players need to collaborate differently to solve the region's common health care challenges. Partnerships are at the heart of APACMed's patient centric mission, and the Association engages with all stakeholders to raise awareness of, and advocate evidence-based policies that meet the demands of diverse and complex healthcare markets in Asia Pacific.

MedTech players are continually challenged to rethink and transform their business models, to adapt to an increasingly complex and heterogenous regional landscape, whilst trying to harness the potential of disruptive innovations, in their endeavour to address vast unmet patient needs.


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