Independent Report on RWE Market from the Life Science Strategy Group
Aug 05, 2019
Real World Evidence – A Market at an Inflection Point and Its Impact on the CRO Industry

We are proud to share that IQVIA was clearly identified as the Real World Evidence (RWE) market leader by the Life Science Strategy Group. And we are excited to bring this report to you.

Download the complete report to learn more about the RWE market, including:

  • Top applications for RWE
  • The need to access the right Real World Data
  • Drivers of RWE acceptance for diverse stakeholders

Growing role of RWE in the market

According to the report, RWE-based approaches will only grow in importance and utilization.

  • Generation and use of RWE is expected to increase 8%-12% over the next two to three years
  • Companies are learning, gaining more experience, and increasing financial investment in RWE-based strategies
  • Nearly 40% of respondents see shifts in the types of studies used to generate RWE, including those leveraging AI and expanded use of technology to drive greater patient engagement

Source: Life Science Strategy Group, LLC

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