OTC Review 2018

Unleash your success with a greater understanding of the global opportunities.

Unleash your success across the industry with a greater understanding of the global opportunities available, based on insightful market analyses, forecasts and competitive intelligence supported by robust IQVIA data.

Exceptional Market View

OTC Review is a unique global market forecasting and business insight resource combining IQVIA audited OTC data assets with expert analysis and trend interpretation to deliver exceptional understanding of the OTC landscape:

  • Supports strategic business planning and forecasting from 2018-2022 in 74 countries, providing the top 5 category forecasts 
  • Analyses size and growth of the total OTC market and top 10 markets, products and companies
  • Provides trend summary at global and regional levels for Europe, EMEA, North & Latin America, and Asia Pacific
  • Charts landscape dynamics, including healthcare

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