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Innovation is an active core value at IQVIA, and we have invested in an interconnected framework of therapeutic knowledge, health care data assets and technology – the IQVIA CORE. The CORE is being leveraged throughout our entire business to underpin a wide range of capabilities to meet clinical development objectives. By connecting four key elements – domain expertise, an unparalleled data portfolio, advanced analytics and transformative technology – the CORE provides the foundation for our unique IQVIA CORE-powered Clinical Development approach.

The IQVIA Analytics Center of Excellence is tasked with leveraging the capabilities of the IQVIA CORE to develop and deliver innovative data science solutions that support the CORE-powered Clinical Development approach.

Of course, we can only leverage these capabilities thanks to our 100+ Human Data Scientists all over the world.

Human Data Science is an emerging discipline that integrates the study of human science with breakthroughs in data science and technology. The goal is to advance our understanding of human health through better, more insightful decisions: to understand what is working, what isn’t and why. We foresee the potential for human data science to deliver more relevancy and precision to decision makers – exactly what is called for as human science grows more precise and personalized.

The Analytics Center of Excellence realizes the promise of Human Data Science to transform clinical development, working side by side with our clinical operations and therapeutics experts. Our approach focuses on operationalizing artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions that provide actionable insights to our clients, creating true business value.

The ACoE has an impactful role on strategic decisions across clinical development for trial design, planning and execution. We believe that every problem is an opportunity for a data-driven solution. In the short history of the ACOE, we have created a clear and lasting global impact across clinical development. We are about proof, not promises. From molecule to market, we know Human Data Science is the catalyst that is driving effective change in the world of clinical trials.

We are looking for Human Data Scientists

Human Data Scientists have a complementary set of skills and knowledge: health care and data science. At the ACOE, all our colleagues are Human Data Scientists, whether they are machine learning scientists developing advanced methodologies, software developers operationalizing them, or consultants integrating data and creating insights for our clients.

We are a team that thrives in the ambiguity of real-world problems. We lead the way of Human Data Science across IQVIA, with a bias towards action. We work side by side with our customers to provide innovative solutions that drive business value.

We want to grow our cross-functional global team with entrepreneurial, independent thinkers who will play a strategic role in IQVIA’s quest to transform clinical development and help our clients deliver medicines to patients faster. We want the best data scientists, solutioneers and storytellers who want to push the boundaries of innovation with a clear mission to improve the health of patients all over the world.

We know that meaningful results require not only the right approach but also the right people, and we invite you to re-imagine health care with us. You will have the opportunity to play an important part in helping our clients drive health care forward and ultimately improve human health outcomes. If you are looking for a challenge, the ACOE is the right place for you. Help us apply our advanced analytics and clinical depth to advance health care and help patients around the globe.

Whatever your career goals, we are here to ensure you get there! We invite you to join us.

Join a team of top Human Data Scientists that are disrupting health care and technology!

Global reach

The ACOE supports thousands of analytic solutions that are being leveraged in over 20 countries. We harness our local expertise, data, technology and analytics to understand the complexity and nuance that exists across the global health care landscape and can find the hidden insights that are ever present in our extensive global data assets.

On the cutting edge of artificial intelligence

Drug discovery and development is a slow, expensive and labor-intensive process. As a contrast, artificial intelligence technologies have experienced exponential growth and shown the potential to disrupt every stage of clinical trials. The ACOE applies AI technologies, including deep learning, to support clinical trial design, startup and execution. We’re creatively solving pressing problems with data, analytics, technology and expertise, using global data not widely available in the industry. Some examples of our cutting-edge solutions include:

  • Recommendation systems using trial and patient data for the selection of trial sites for new clinical trials
  • Deep-learning models for predicting adverse drug reaction to inform more targeted preclinical in vitro safety profiling and clinical safety trials
  • Machine learning models for more accurate disease detection and progression modeling
  • Deep phenotyping algorithms on patient matching and segmentation for clinical trials
  • Machine learning models for off-label drug indication knowledge using claims data
  • Oncology biomarker reporting

Rewarding opportunity

The ACOE offers you the chance to help build this business unit from the ground up in an exciting environment of engagement and innovation where you can find cross-functional development. The great talent within the ACOE is contributing exciting new methodologies to solve the challenges in health care and clinical development to bring the right therapy to the right patient -- quickly. We invite you to find out more about what a day in the life of a human data scientist at the ACOE is like.

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