About the Institute

The IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science contributes to the advancement of human health globally through timely research, insightful analysis and scientific expertise applied to granular non-identified patient-level data.

Fulfilling an essential need within healthcare, the Institute delivers objective, relevant insights and research that accelerate understanding and innovation critical to sound decision making and improved human outcomes. With access to IQVIA’s institutional knowledge, advanced analytics, technology and unparalleled data the Institute works in tandem with a broad set of healthcare stakeholders to drive a research agenda focused on Human Data Science, including government agencies, academic institutions, the life sciences industry and payers.

Featured Report

Medicine Use and Spending in the U.S. A Review of 2017 and an Outlook to 2022
Spending on medicines remains a topic of intense interest among policy makers, patients, payers and drug manufacturers. This report focuses its attention on “net spending” on medicines in the United States in 2017 with an outlook to 2022,  explores out-of-pocket patient costs at pharmacies and examines the overall volume of medicines being used, with a special focus of opioids and newly launched, innovative medicines.  

Institute Leaders

Murray Aitken

Murray Aitken

Senior Vice President and
Executive Director

Michael Kleinrock

Michael Kleinrock

Director Research Development

Research Support

The IQVIA Institute leverages collaborative relationships in the public and private sectors to provide market clarity in advancing human science globally through fact based healthcare discussions.


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