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Outlook for Global Medicines through 2021
This report provides an outlook on the use of medicines and spending levels through 2021.

Ensuring Essential Medicines Satisfy Priority Healthcare Needs of Populations
This report looks at the current state and future direction of essential medicines on the World Health Organization's Model Essential Medicines List, as well as approaches that health systems that include these essential medicines into their own lists can take to ensure EMs achieve their full potential benefit to populations.

Estimate of Medicare Part D Costs After Accounting for Manufacturer Rebates
This report analyzes twelve high volume therapy classes in Medicare Part D, measures the costs for 30 days of therapy for branded medicines in each class, and estimates net cost to Part D plans and patients including estimates of negotiated discounts and rebates.

Use of Opioid Recovery Medications
The focus of this research is to understand the trends in utilization and healthcare payer mix of buprenorphine (a partial opioid agonist used to treat opioid addiction) medications and their use nationally and by state.

Advancing Value-Based Healthcare in Asia
This report introduces the concept of value-based healthcare and illustrates how real-world data-driven decision modelling approaches can improve disease management and support value-based clinical and policy decision-making in Asia, offering applications in diabetes and stroke as case examples.

Improving Type 2 Diabetes Therapy Adherence and Persistence Around the World
In this report series, the IQVIA Institute explores the prevalence of type 2 diabetes (T2D) in six countries around the world.

IMPACT: Facilitating Shared Learning and Collaborative Action Research to Improve Cancer Care
This report describes the rationales for the IMPACT initiative, lays out rapid advances in and challenges for effective cancer care in evolving health systems across countries, and suggests a dynamic shared learning and action research process to improve cancer care collaboratively.

Global Oncology Trend Report a Review of 2015 and Outlook to 2020
In this report, we highlight different aspects of the use of medicines in the U.S., spanning overall spending, key market segments, volumes, patient cost exposure, healthcare delivery changes as well as the outlook to 2020.

Medicine Use and Spending in the U.S. A Review of 2015 and Outlook to 2020
In this report, we bring together perspectives on 2015. We highlight different aspects regarding the use of medicines spanning overall spending, key market segments, volumes, patient cost exposure, healthcare delivery changes as well as the outlook to 2020.

Delivering on the Potential of Biosimilar Medicines
The purpose of this report is to describe the potential role for biosimilars and their contribution to healthcare systems; the risks for stakeholders to realize that full potential value; and the requirements for competitive functioning markets in order to capture the full value.

New Strategic Information and Technology Roles in Life Sciences Companies
This report examines how life sciences CIOs are playing an increasingly strategic role delivering technological transformation. This study was produced by the IQVIA Institute for Healthcare Informatics in collaboration with Egon Zehnder.

Price Declines after Branded Medicines Lose Exclusivity in the U.S.
The purpose of this healthcare brief is to document the changing price of medicines as generics enter the market.

Closing the Healthcare Gap: The Critical Role of Non-Identified Information
This report focuses on the dramatic increase in the amount of digitized healthcare information being generated and new opportunities to close the “healthcare gap” – the difference between today’s reality and what is possible from a clinical, patient and economic perspective.

Global Medicines Use in 2020: Outlook and Implications
In this report, we provide an outlook on - and the implications of - the use of medicines and spending levels in 2020.

Branded Medicine Price Increases and the Impact of Off-Invoice Discounts and Rebates
The purpose of this healthcare brief is to draw specific attention to previously published research from the IQVIA Institute which highlights not only the visible aspects of price increases, but also the less visible off-invoice discounts, rebates, coupons, and other price concessions to payers that often substantially offset these changes in list price.

Emergence and Impact of Pharmacy Deductibles: Implications for Patients in Commercial Health Plans
The objective of this report is to bring forward insights on the extent to which pharmacy deductibles are becoming a more common aspect of health plan design, and the impact they have on patient behavior related to pharmaceutical use.

Patient Adoption of mHealth
The primary focus of this report is on the consumer or patient use of mHealth apps.

The Role of Generic Medicines in Sustaining Healthcare Systems: A European Perspective
The purpose of this report is to understand current European market trends and to quantify the full scope of generic medicines' contributions.

Medicines Use and Spending Shifts: A Review of the Use of Medicines in the U.S. in 2014
In this report we bring together several perspectives on 2014: total system spending on medicines at an aggregate and segmented level; the evolution of healthcare demand, delivery and payment systems; patient out-of-pocket costs for medical and pharmacy benefits including retail prescription co-pays; and transformations in disease treatment resulting from newly approved medicines.

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