Improving Type-2 Diabetes Therapy Adherence and Persistence in Turkey
Institute Report
Nov 21, 2017
How to Address Avoidable Economic and Societal Burden

There are an estimated 6.3 million patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D) in Turkey and this number is expected to rise, with the number of patients with T2D in Turkey growing by approximately 8%, annually. The burden of diabetes has long been recognized by governmental stakeholders as a major area of focus. Although government programs include a wide range of strategies around prevention of the condition and better of quality of care, there remain opportunities to improve T2D therapy adherence and persistence, which include improving diabetes education among patients and increasing the number of dedicated diabetes educators in Turkey.

This report builds on a publication series examining six other countries and their differing stages of action on type 2 diabetes (T2D) management as a public health priority. We examine the Turkey-specific burden of T2D and its complications and explore national initiatives in place to address issues and opportunities in relation to therapy adherence and persistence improvement strategies. A range of targeted and action-oriented, Turkey specific recommendations to address sub-optimal T2D therapy adherence and persistence in the country are put forth for consideration and action by policy makers, payers, and healthcare providers — including those in the Ministry of Health (MoH) and Social Security Institution (SSI), amongst other organizations. The recommendations are all designed to improve T2D therapy adherence and persistence in the Turkish population, and consequently decrease significant and avoidable economic and societal costs, and improve quality of life for people living with the condition.

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